Financial education bogus or not.

First of all, in a market economy context, even globally speaking, where everybody is looking and keeping very tight their budgets, including companies or businesses, I find it very important to have it first a ‘financial diet’ let’s say, in which you cut everything and then you start from zero and see constantly and gradually what are the expenses that you should add under the current conditions.


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And then after all, how do we each and every single person, in our own personal level and turn, take care of our budgets also, so that we can achieve and accomplish what we want, desire and set our mind on, about this is also the financial education, as I have well discovered again at a meeting this week with a group full of people set on deeds and done, each in his own field of expertise of course. 😊


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Then secondly, I think it should be very clear from the beginning that saving sources are slow, meaning you can not expect to get reach over night from this or them, but it seems important to invest a little bit of your time into it, if you can cover some expenses in this way, or in one form or another. And very important it seems to me to set a target for each one, which can change over time of course, but to know from the very beginning what you are aiming with each and to what extent. Again, the most important to me seems to be also the time allocated for each one, taking into account that you are using your own personal free time for activities to do this, that you need as well for anything else.


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In the next steps of this article, I would like to add here my methods discovered or sources for saving up, perhaps even to discuss a little bit about what we do best in a day-to-day job, which is why it seems important to me at the beginning of the way to ask if someone else has found anything faster in the meanwhile, or a way to accomplish quicker what you have set your mind on? 😁

First of all, the pure saving methods, simple and on hand for everyone, are referring to or I think are closely linked also to the environment in which we live, in my opinion. For me these methods translate into a clear reduction of the unnecessary consumption or use of personal resources, namely time and money:

– Have you ever thought of water as the source of life and how important it is the water we drink every day? To me it seems important to drink good water. Water is found in nature, it is a common good given by nature and we should all benefit of it unlimited. Now, aside from the fact that the water may not be good to drink in certain areas, but you may boil it while doing other activities and then add some fruit slices to have a really good water or live water and plus much cheaper, if you do not have the solution of a water filter. But if we think about the time lost in supplying us with the water tanks, not to mention the money, that minimum 2l of water a day can turn into a great saving source. Leaving aside also the repercussions on the environment let’s say, with all those tanks or bottles of plastic thrown in nature, with a simple calculation for a person only: 2l of water per day = 30 x 2.20 lei translate to a minimum of 60 lei per month, and the saved amount can be invested further at will, either in a water mug or in a filter, or eventually in what we want everyone to really have in our lives.


Food preservation Methods

Following the principle tell me what you eat to tell you who you are or from the category “we do not eat and work only just to exist”, have you ever bought fresh products from the market or anywhere else lately, that you do not know how to keep them fresh anymore, because they are not the same as those from the super-markets with a shelf life of eternity?


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Through this article, I wish to rediscover together those methods that our grandparents knew, we probably kind of have forgotten about them in the meanwhile.


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For example, fresh cheese, even smoked one, I like to keep them in the fridge but wrapped in baking paper. Even if I get them in a plastic bag, if I do not have with me a container for brine from the producer when I buy them, I first wrap them up in baking paper at home and then put them back in the bag and in the fridge, because I noticed they preserve better this way. Just like the fresh meat I also get in a slightly waxed paper from the fresh products store where I like to go to supply myself.


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Fresh tomatoes brought home from the market are not to be kept in the refrigerator, because they lose out of their flavor and good taste, I do not know how well known is this to everybody or not. The fresh ones really now, do not refer to those in the super-market either, without taste and where the difference probably does not matter anyway. The best tomatoes are kept at room temperature, this is why I prefer to put them in a bowl in the kitchen, but at the same time away from the sunlight and other sources of heat, in a more receding place. I also do not wash them until consumption, at most they can be wiped out, if we want to keep them a little longer.


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This postingΒ  makes me think now of the article that I’ve read one time, about the African Vital Nduwimana who discovered as the best method of preserving tomatoes in ashes.Β πŸ™‚ The professional agronomist was able with his method to keep the tomatoes for five or six months, until he could sell them. This technique is not available to me unfortunately, but I prefer to go to the market every week or every time I want to consume fresh tomatoes anyway. πŸ˜„

Green onion or garlic are best kept in a little water if you do not consume them right away, otherwise they dry out. That’s why I keep some of the small jars from the tiny products I consume and that’s how I maintain them. The water must be changed of course, every day if possible. Lately for salads and fresh stuff I prefer the green onion, you can find it almost all the time in the market, if it is not from us it can be brought from other parts, but equally fresh. No comparison to those from the supermarket anyway, who knows from where and how long it took to get them up to the supermarket chain, but even if you put it into water, it dries out because it has no power anymore and is lacking any strength at all. πŸ˜€


And all kinds of good practices, I wish to rediscover, I will continue to add to the article, so if you have one, please share it. You can leave a comment.

Thanks and may we all enjoy the meal with good appetite! πŸ™‚


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Enjoy and blog about it…


On a beautiful autumn night 19.11.2017 it had all started, meaning my blog, because other beginnings I have had a lot in my life and of all kinds of sorts too.


Another personal project had just begun for me for example, for almost 1 year now, before this, and it is amazing to see it all (to see life from the perspective of it) or to think about everything from a new project point of view. It’s a little bit of hustle sometimes, but at the same time, it is amazing too.

You feel like you are becoming more of a story or a book character and it is amazing to see how everything is turning under the light of a new project, how it changes everything.

You still like the same things, it’s still you, but there’s a better (greater) you when you’re preparing for something more, than what you have been before or until then.

I always thought that if we could do it all with our minds only (BTW, this is why I consider our mind to be one of the most important aspects of our life and also what we are thinking) given that physically (at least sometimes) it is a little bit harder to do it all or to full fill it, but maybe this is how it’s supposed to be, in order to get a little bit filtered and so, only our most important and best ideas can get to come to life too.